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After reading information on this strip (it moves left and right, this is how cool it is!), you can check out for which event you can sign up right now. Click on it, and it will take you to google form :)

If you have been on site with us already, you don't have to fill out the form. Remember to send a mail to Swistak on time, though!

It is a new version of "Call for Helpers" document we release few months before major larps and events organised by Dziobak Larp Studio. It covers all the information you should know before applying as a part of on-site production crew. It is going to give you an idea on how we are going to work, provide you with necessary practical knowledge and answer some of your questions.

What is this page?


We are starting preparations Tuesday or Wednesday at 10.00 AM before every event.

You can find detailed dates below. We will prioritize people, who can be there from the beginning. Yes, you also have to be there!

It's free!

You will stilll have to provide your own transport to location. If you get close (circa 15 minutes by car), we will of course pick you up!

Food and accommodation
Hotel rooms, full meals and saunas.

We worry about your food, water, salty snacks, chocolate, basic medication, hot and cold drinks. Usually there is sauna/swimming pool at the hotels. Take your bathing gear!

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Our 2018 events will be added to this website in January.

So if you are interested in being a helper, please come back later.

Call for Helpers

Dziobak Larp Studios

"For me, as a helper, each time at Czocha is an incredible journey. A journey to meet new people, to learn new things, to discover new cultures, new point of views, to grow the idea of freedom and equality inside me, to grow the idea of the perfect reality through this magical atmosphere. It makes me feel like I am in a different universe, where despite being tired of work yet still have so much energy to stay positive and use the time given for spending it with new friends, to get to know as much as I can. Thank you for that. You are doing an amazing job, guys."

Evaluation after College of Wizardry 8


Agata Swistak is our Helper Coordinator. That means she'll help you with arranging transport, run briefings on location and guide you into culture of Dziobak.

You can ask her all the questions via mail: swistak@dziobak.studio

She's usually quite responsive, unless she's on location ;)

Answers to more detailed questions: addresses, room arrangement, public transportation and others, will be handled in a group of Helpers for given run.

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