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Since I first took the stage during an event back in the late 1990's, I've done hundreds of lectures, speeches, presentations, and what have you. Some have been for tiny audiences - some of my work has been seen by millions.


If you want me as a speaker for your event, feel free to reach out. I am well versed in both digital, physical and hybrid events, and can talk with authority on a broad range of topics, doing equally well with five minutes and hours.

Above is my old sizzle reel (yes, I should get it updated, I know, but my regular film team is crazily busy!) and below are two examples of talks I've done somewhat recently.


One is digital and therefore highly relevant - the other I've included because it offers an insight into how I behave on stage when I realise that I've made a mistake.

Languages: English, Danish and comically bad German.